Information for Exhibitors

CAS Exhibitions

The Calgary Artists' Society normally has two exhibitions each year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. The current venue for these shows is the Parkdale United Church at 2919 - 8th Avenue NW. The shows are open to the public from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on the scheduled Saturday of the show.

All full and alumni members have the right to participate in these shows. A hanging fee may apply at each show and will be collected at the time of set up.

CAS owns 60 double sided easels for these shows. As each participating artist is normally allocated three single-sided easels to display their artwork, there are enough easels available to accommodate up to 40 participants in each show.

The number of pieces each easel can accommodate depends on the size and shape of the artwork, but normally each easel can hold two mid-size paintings.

All sales during the show are done through the Calgary Artists' Society.

Sign Up

Any member who wishes to participate in a CAS show MUST advise the Exhibition Chair at least two days before the show. This is to allow for the equitable assignment of easels. For that to happen on the Friday before the show, the Exhibition Chair has to know how many members are participating. Obviously, if any member signs up and subsequently has a change of mind, the Exhibition Chair must likewise be notified of the change.

The Exhibition Chair will have a sign up sheet available at each of the two meetings prior to the show. The sign up sheet will also ask if you are interested in an extra easel, should any be available.

There will also be a sign up sheet for various duty slots during the course of the show. All participants are expected to sign up for at least one slot.

Set Up

Easels will be delivered to the church at about noon on the Friday before the show. If you are able-bodied, please be there to help if you can, as many hands make light work. Easels will be unloaded from the delivery truck and brought into the church where they will be set up under the direction of the Exhibition Chair.

Once the easels are set up, they will be numbered by the Exhibition Chair, and each artist will draw a numbered group of three easels for their allocation.

Any spare easels will be allocated by drawing names from the list of artists who have requested one. Spare easels will typically be grouped together in one area of the show.

Please also read Easel Etiquette for further information.

There will also normally be side tables set up along two walls of the hall which are available to participants on a shared basis of half a table per artist. These are generally suitable for smaller artworks.


All artwork is to be set up prior to the show on either the Friday afternoon between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm, or on Saturday morning between 8:30 am and 9:30 am.

All artwork must be original and created manually by the artist. Other than art cards, no prints or reproductions are allowed.

Artwork on easels should be either neatly framed or utilize gallery wrapped canvas with finished edges, and be ready to hang. Artwork on the side tables may be framed, unframed, matted or shrink-wrapped. The Exhibition Committee has the right to reject any artwork they deem unsuitable.

It is the artist's responsibility to arrange their own work.

CAS is not responsible for any damaged or stolen artwork. Any insurance coverage on any artwork is the responsibility of the artist.

Show Labels

All artwork must be labelled using CAS show labels. These may be downloaded off the website. They are also available at the two meetings prior to the show, and during the set up for the show.

Label each painting, or package of art cards, with your code and its individual number. Everything you have for sale in the show should have a uniquely coded number that identifies it as one of your works.

Your code will normally consist of the first three letters of your last name, plus a number for the individual artwork. (e.g. Smith would be SMI-1, SMI-2, etc.) In the event of possible duplication with another artist, make sure your code is unique to you. Your code and number is vital in recording any sales and ensuring payment is made to you.

Paintings should have one label on the front, and a duplicate label on the back.

Each package of art cards must be labelled separately, even if the packages are the same, as packages are sold individually.

Inventory List

Inventory Sheets may be downloaded off the website. They are also available at the two meetings prior to the show, and during the set up for the show.

List all of the artwork you are exhibiting in the show, along with your coded number for each, and the price.

Please note that GST will NOT be added to any sales. If GST applies to you, include it in the price of your artwork.

A fellow CAS member must check off your list against your paintings. Give the list to the Exhibition Chair to be put into the Sales Binder. If you so desire, keep a copy of the list for your own records.

Art cards MUST have a separate inventory list, IN DUPLICATE. One list will be kept at the art card table, and the second list must go in the Sales Binder. This is to accommodate buyers who wish to purchase both paintings and artcards in the same transaction.

Art cards must be priced in even dollar amounts.

Name Tags

Artist name tags will be available at the show. Please wear your name tag during the show, and don't forget to return it at the end.

In addition, you will have three signs with your name on them to be placed at the top of your three easels to help identify your work. These should also be returned at the end of the show.


Due to Covid rest rictions, no refreshments will be served. Participating artists will have to bring their own lunch.

Duty Roster

All participating artists are asked to sign up for one of the duty slots during the show.

Duties include loading and unloading easels at the Holy Cross Anglican Church (where our easels are stored), putting out or retrieving street signs, manning the greeter table, helping in the kitchen, handling sales at the cash table, the credit card table or the art card table, or wrapping sold artwork.

Time slots are two hours each, and instruction on the individual duties will be readily available if needed.


On the day of the show, please try to park somewhere other than the church parking lot, to allow customers close access. The surrounding streets generally have unrestricted parking.


Prior to the show, members will be asked to donate a small painting as the doorprize. A framing allowance will be given to the artist and their painting will be featured prominently on the show invitation.

Visitors to the show will be asked to fill out a draw ticket that includes their contact information and feedback on how they learned about the show.

Just before 4:00 pm, the donor artist will draw a winning ticket for the doorprize. If possible, the artist will deliver the painting in person.

Take Down

After the show closes at 4:00 pm, all participants are asked to please wait until the visiting public has exited the venue before packing up their artwork. All participants are then asked to help take down the easels.

All artists are responsible for safely removing their unsold artwork, and ensuring that none of their artwork is missing.

Before folding the easels, please ensure all crossbars are attached. Please note there are arrows on the top hinge that point up on one side and down on the other. Following the direction of the arrows, crossbars should be moved to the bottom of the easel on one side and to the top on the other, so that the easel doesn't bind when it is folded.

The folded easels should be stacked at the back of the hall, and then loaded onto the truck.

Commission and Payment on Sales

CAS will retain a commission on all artwork and artcards sold during the show. The commission is on a sliding scale that will depend on the volume of sales, but it will normally vary from 15% to 18%.

Payment for artwork or artcards sold will be made to the artist as soon as possible, usually at the next CAS meeting.


If there is anything in the above information that you don't understand, please do not hesitate to ask the Exhibition Chair or an experienced member for clarification.

Last updated: Saturday, 10 September 2021