Easel Etiquette



The safe care and use of the Society's sixty easels is vital for aesthetic, practical and economic reasons. They are the CAS's most significant investment.

To ensure their availability to display our artwork, they need to be transported, set up and taken down without damage. While some ongoing maintenance is inevitable, if each member takes proper care of the easels, it will greatly minimize the amount of maintenance needed.

Set Up

Follow the lead of experienced members in unloading the easels from the truck.

Unlatch the hook and eye locking the easels at the bottom, spread the legs apart and secure the easel with the hinged arm at the bottom.

The Exhibition Chairperson will normally direct the placement of easels in the hall.

Displaying Your Art

Four cross bars are provided on each side of the easel, allowing a great deal of flexibility in displaying your artwork.

But please do NOT detach any part of the easel, especially the cross bars, as they tend to become lost or damaged.

Artwork should not normally extend above the height of the easel. However, if you must do so, please consult with the artist on the other side of the easel to ensure it does not conflict with their display.

Take Down

All members are asked to please be aware of the proper way to collapse the easels to ensure safe transportation and storage.

Look for an arrow at the top of the easel. It will either point up or down. If the arrow points UP, loosen the cross-bars and slide them UP to the top of the easel and tighten them. The arrows will be the reverse on the opposite side of the easel. If the cross-bars are moved and secured in the direction of the arrows, it will prevent any binding when the easel is folded up.

Lift the hinged arm at the bottom of the easel and, holding it in place, fold the easel legs together. Latch them with the hook and eye at the bottom of one side.

Help stack the easels at the back of the hall for loading onto the truck.

Thank You

With your help, we hope to get many more years of use out of our investment.

If you have any questions, please ask the Exhibition Chairperson, or one of the experienced members.

A most sincere thank you to David Harrison for his input on this item.


Banner paintings by Cindy Bouwers, David Harrison and Dillon Huang © all rights reserved.