Your Biography


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All CAS members are encouraged to have their own biography page on the website.

Your biography should include:

  • a photo (or painting) of yourself
  • one to four images of your work
  • up to three more images of your work for the page header
  • 200 to 300 words of biographical text
  • if you have your own website, its address
  • your contact telephone number and e-mail address


The biography should be written in the third person. It is a biography after all, not an autobiography.

Please do not send any C.V.'s of your education, exhibition history or collectors.


The images should ideally be representative of your work.

If possible, please submit electronic jpeg images, although prints, slides or negatives may also be submitted.

All images will be reduced to a low resolution 72 dpi for display on the website. Painting images will end up in the range of 300 to 500 pixels on the longest side. Your photo will be about 200 pixels on the longest side.

Please indicate which image you would prefer to be used for the thumbnail image on the Artists page.

Images will be copyrighted. Their small size and low resolution help protect your copyright.

Header Images

If possible, three of your images will be used on the header. After all, it is YOUR page!

If you want separate images on the header, send three that will be suitable as small, square images.

In general, it is planned to use different header images on every page, thus showcasing the entire membership throughout the website.

Contact Information

If you have your own website, please indicate its URL or address. You will be provided with a link to your own site.

If you do not have a website of your own, please provide your telephone number and e-mail address.


Please note that any member e-mail addresses would be displayed as a jpeg image to foil the web-crawling software used by spammers to harvest e-mail addresses off websites. Mailto links (which pull up an e-mail composition) and plain text are especially susceptible. Tricks like substituting AT for @ simply do not work.

However, if you WANT a mailto link on your biography, please indicate so in writing.


Send your information to Terry Southwood at:


You may send your text in the body of an e-mail, with the images attached, or as a Word document that contains everything.

If you wish to submit prints, slides or negatives, either e-mail or call Terry at 403-255-4667 to arrange delivery.

Please contact Terry if you have any questions.

Future Updates

Occasional updates of your information and images will certainly be permitted, but please do not expect your biography to be updated on a continuous basis.


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