Sheila Warren


Sheila was born in Montreal, Quebec.
She graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1982
and works as a graphic designer in Calgary.


Art has always been a big part of her life,
eventually leading her to study
Visual Communications
at the Alberta College of Art and Design.
It's through this design training and experience,
that her sense of colour and composition evolved.


She began painting seriously in 2001,
enrolling in a painting program at ACAD.
She continued with painting sessions at
the Heart Studio along with numerous workshops.
Her work is primarily representational
and inspired by a direct response to her world.


When painting, she attempts to infuse the canvas
with the energy she feels from her subject.
She allows the work to evolve
using colour to express light, illustrate perspective,
represent mass and evoke mood.
Growing up in Eastern Canada, then relocating to
Alberta, has had a great influence on her
providing the opportunity to appreciate
the varied beauty of the Canadian landscape.


She is inspired by the French impressionists
as well as the Group of Seven and Tom Thompson
and their ability to distill the Canadian essence.
She is a member of the the Calgary Artists' Society
and the Federation of Canadian Artists.
She is also a member of, and on the
executive council for the Alberta Society of Artists.
Her work can be found in private and
corporate collections.


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