Sharon Wagner


Sharon L. Wagner was born in Vulcan, Alberta in 1962. She grew up in
rural Alberta and is currently living in High River, Alberta.


Throughout her life, Sharon was always creative but never applied it
to art until her husband gave her a set of paints for Christmas
sixteen years ago. She immediately fell in love with creating art.
She has enjoyed it ever since.
She considers herself predominately self-taught,
although she has taken a few select workshops and classes.
She relies on reading, observation and discovery
while developing her art.


Sharon has attended many art shows and functions
and has significant gallery representation.
She has spent many hours volunteering in different
art organizations and continues to volunteer.
Sharon has over 30 years experience with children.
She currently teaches children “Creative Expression”
at Peaceful Mind Peaceful HeART in Nanton.
She recently became a grandmother
and looks forward to creating with them.

I remember

Her art has evolved over the years
and she is currently creating abstract art.
Through her abstract art, she finds she can create a satisfying piece
and, in turn, it promotes conversation.
Although she has worked in oil, pastel, watercolor and pen & ink,
she favors acrylic. Acrylic offers an array of choices.


She has a great love for the landscapes and nature
that Alberta offers. Her art is reflective of her
connection and admiration of nature.
Her art offers a distinctive point of view.
She looks forward to creating each new piece of art
and tackles it with imagination and love.
She inspires to create and creates to inspire.


Artist's Statement

“My art is reflective of my connection and admiration of nature. I find it very inspiring to study the landscape from the largest mountain to the smallest rock and everything in between. The more aware I am of my surroundings the more I am able to bring to a painting.

Each painting is created using fragments of my observations with a mixture of emotion, thoughts, ideas and heart. From start to finish every detail, form, color, line and edge has been considered and contemplated over.

My creative process combines different acrylic materials. To create texture, I apply gesso and modelling paste (containing marble dust) to the canvas. Depending on the look I want to achieve it may be one layer of texture or many. I use a variety of tools or ‘tool like’ objects to apply the materials. Once the texture is dry, I sand the canvas and apply thick or thin paint. This process can create more texture or enhance what is already present.

Each painting is offering my distinctive point of view and an invitation to the observer to make a connection to the painting.”


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