Sharon Huang


Sharon was fond of the arts from a very young age.
To this day and from the bottom of her heart,
she greatly appreciates her father's encouragement
to follow this passion.
Huang arrived in Calgary from Guangzhou China in 1980,
where she set aside her career as a Kindergarten art teacher
to start a new life in Canada. 


After a hiatus of more then a decade,
she was eager to get back to the hobby she loves.
In joining CAS, she started to draw and paint again.
To Sharon, the reward of drawing and painting
is when her works can evoke
warm, familiar feelings from viewers.


She loves children, people and nature.
Her subjects always come from the things she loves.
As her first art teacher taught her,
“eyes are the windows of human spirit”,
the eyes are always the heart
of each portrait she draws.


Although digital cameras
are so convenient in today's modern world,
you will find many sketches of Europe's cityscapes,
China's beautiful villages,
Australia's marvelous jungles and beaches
and of course, our wonderful Canadian Rockies
in her travel sketch book.


Her most memorable piece
is a Manhattan cityscape done in July 2001
from her New Jersey City hotel window;
the Twin Towers will stand in her images
and thoughts forever.

still life

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