Marquita Poulson


Born in Saskatchewan, Marquita Poulson developed a passion
for drawing very early in life.
Sketching came naturally to her and consequently,
her love of art continued into adulthood.


Marquita spent five years in London, England
pursuing her goal to become an artist.
She attended City & Guilds of London Art School for 3 years,
completing courses in life drawing and sculpture.


She was also employed during those years
at John Pinches Medalists.
Her position there was as an assistant to David Cornell, Sculptor
who greatly influenced and encouraged her in her studies.
During her employment at the mint,
Marquita completed several coins and ingots;
some of these commemorative pieces were presented
to the Queen of England.


Marquita now lives in Calgary, Alberta
and after raising her family,
she devotes her time to painting.


She works primarily with pastels
and has been commissioned to do
many paintings and drawings.
Marquita's subject matter includes
portraiture, wildlife and stills.


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