Lynne Seaman


Lynne completed a B.F.A. and a B.Ed. in the early 1980's.
Since that time she has been teaching art students from grades 1-12
and mentors artists in workshops and shared studios.
She finds that exploring ideas and techniques with other artists is
important to her development as an artist, as well as invigorating!


The palette of her paintings usually begins with
the primary colours, followed by the addition of light
and dark to create movement. Lynne uses
modeling paste and crackle medium with acrylic paint,
as an under painting in many of her landscapes
and abstract paintings. Very often the response
to the preliminary process informs the final image
or subject matter of her work.


Another motivation for her paintings is
the “Great Outdoors”.
Having grown up in Thunder Bay, Ontario
and living in Alberta since, many of her paintings
portray the rock, water, skies and trees
that are iconic images from both areas.

first snow
  turquoise sky

Lynne also creates abstract, block print portraits.
She finds experimenting with colour
and printing on unusual surfaces
leads to many varied and interesting
characteristics in her prints.


Conceptual art pieces are also in development.

Bay blanket

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