Kaye Duncanson


Kaye has lived all her life in Alberta
and her paintings reflect her love and appreciation
for the landscapes that change with the seasons.


From a very young age
she looked for detail in things around her,
the way the clouds looked before a storm,
the fields of wheat and flax as they moved
with the ever-blowing wind,
the farm animals, and even people
as they worked or sat in repose.
Her childhood drawings already showed
this eye for detail.


Through the years,
places and interests have changed
but wherever she goes,
whether close to home or to far-away lands,
she sees potential paintings.


By making quick sketches
and using photographs for reference
she is able to re-create the scene
in her studio.


Her art training began at the University of Calgary
while enrolled in the BEd program.
Helen Stadelbauer, who founded the Art Department,
was a great inspiration, and her encouragement
led to a life-long interest in visual arts.
Further courses through Adult Education
and Mount Royal college followed
as well as participation in numerous
outdoor art workshops.


Artist's Statement

“Light and shadow, which can transform the ordinary to a thing of extra-ordinary beauty, fills me with an overwhelming need to capture the moment on canvas.”


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