Kathy Hale


Kathy Hale is passionate about art.
She believes that art is good for the soul
and she is happiest when painting en plein air
or in the company of fellow artists.


She also believes that
the power of art to enrich life
is infinite,
both from the perspective of the artist
and the viewer.


Kathy consistently draws inspiration
from the abstract patterns of light and color
found in a broad range of subjects.
She loves the luscious texture of oil paint
and the luminous nature of this versatile medium.
Through her direct style and lively brushstrokes,
she strives to capture
a sense of energy in her work.


Kathy regularly participates
in workshops and ongoing classes
with the belief that
there is no end to the potential
for learning and growth.


She gives special thanks to Doug Swinton
and Swinton Art Studios for her artistic progress.
“We are blessed with these remarkable instructors
who are providing a truly wonderful
learning environment right here in Calgary.”
Kathy is also a member of The Leighton Centre
and the Centennial Gallery.


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