Karl-Heinz Durynek


Karl has followed his passion for fine art for the past 40 years as
a student, painter and admirer of all art mediums.


As a self-taught artist, Karl has found
the presentation with watercolours to be
a perfect fit for the expression of his art.


Drawing from his personal connection to nature,
he fashions pieces that aim to evoke our deep
emotional associations with the colour, intensity
and scenery of the world we inhabit.


Through the use of watercolour, Karl searches
for the often missed details of the landscape,
exemplifying the texture and vividness
of a pristine flower
or glorious mountain range.


Ever a student of nature, Karl is an avid photographer,
capturing nuanced moments in time
as the inspiration for his paintings.
When he is not traveling the highways of Canada
in his beloved VW Westfalia,
he makes Calgary his home with his wife, Cheryl.


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