Jan Berg


Jan was born in Sturgis, Saskatchewan
and has spent the last 40 years in Calgary.


With a background in accounting and business, and having sold Commercial Real Estate for several years, she is inspired by the beauty here in the city
and the magnificent Rocky Mountains.


During the past 20 years, through personal study
and countless hours of workshops,
she produces charming little landscapes, florals
as well as children at play.
After many years of working with watercolour,
she now prefers the buttery texture
and tactile feel of oil paint.


She also loves the simple joy of creation,
showing careful attention to drawing, values,
colour and edges; constantly striving to capture
beautiful and meaningful works of art.
Inspired by the natural world and past artists
such as Rembrandt, Tom Thomson
and Georgia O'Keeffe;
Jan captures the essence of a scene
and wraps it in colour and light.


Artist's Statement

“My wish is that you can feel the emotion that I try to include in my paintings; the joy, love, calm, excitement and passion.”


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