Eva Neumaier


Eva was born and educated in Germany.
In the early 1980's she immigrated to Canada
to take up a professorship at a Canadian university.
She now lives in Calgary.


From early on she admired the original works
of the greatest artists of the Western world:
medieval masters like Matthias Gruenewald
and Giotto but also modern painters like Monet,
Gaugin, Chagall, Franz Marc and Gabriele Muenter.
While studying Asian languages and literature,
her aesthetic sensitivity was greatly influenced
by Japanese art and Chinese ink paintings.


During the last ten years she devoted herself
to the medium of watercolour that intrigued her
with its spontaneity and sometimes unpredictability.
She sees in this medium the possibility to use
the white of the paper as an integral and
constructive part of the overall design so that
the light is flooding through the painting.


In her paintings she aspires to leave part of the
visual story untold so that the beholder
may complete it with his or her own.
In her pursuit of creating transparent pure
watercolour paintings she took workshops with
several renowned watercolour masters,
among them Ekkehardt Hofmann (Germany),
Sterling Edwards (USA) and Judi Whitton (UK).


Eva is a member of several artists societies
and a juried member of the Calgary Artists' Society.
Her work is exhibited in the Centennial Art Gallery
in Calgary, and is found in private
Canadian and international collections.


Artist's Statement

“The translucence of light finds itself in the white of the paper and 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' (Leonardo da Vinci). I strive to preserve the luminosity of this medium within a simplified design that hints at the story without telling every detail.”


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