Ellen Conlin


Ellen loves nature in all of its phases,
stormy skies, wild water, majestic mountains and quiet places.


Art was always present in her family.
She learned at an early age to really look at
the natural things around and to really see them.
Born in Nova Scotia and never far from water
it seemed natural to paint water in all of its moods.


She started out in oils
but currently paints in acrylics and watercolour,
and is now making a tentative step
into pastels.

  three sisters

Moving to Alberta,
she discovered the wonder of the mountains
and added them to her love
of things to paint.


Ellen strives to make the viewer feel
the rush of water and, maybe even hear it.
To experience the majesty and wonder
of the mountains in all their splendor
is an ongoing ambition.
If the viewer feels any of this
then the ambition has been achieved.


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