Edna Charchuk


Edna was born in Mannville, Alberta.
She has always expressed a keen interest
in drawing, painting and music.


Her childhood years were spent on a small farm
in a rural community,
where she learned to love animals, birds and flowers.
The subjects of her paintings often reflect
nostalgic memories of that life.


Since 1982, she has taken instruction
from several artists, including Marion E. Barker
and other local art instructors.
Edna painted exclusively in oils until 1994
when she began working in pastels,
a medium from which she takes great satisfaction.


Edna is a past President of the Calgary Community Painters' Society.
In 1997 she was juried into the Calgary Artists' Society
and is now past President of CAS.
Edna is also an active artist member and volunteer
at the Leighton Art Centre.


Her paintings are in private collections
in Ireland, Germany and Austria,
as well as many places in Canada.


Artist's Statement

“To intrepret and share the love, awe and respect for the beauty of nature and its Creator through visual expression of the moods and nuances of life experiences and inspirations.”


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