Dillon Huang


Dillon was born and raised in China,
emigrated to Canada in 1982,
and has lived in Calgary ever since.


Dillon received his art training at the Canton Art College,
and taught fine arts at the Second Pedagogical College
of Canton for six years.
When he arrived in Canada, he continued his art education
at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary.


Having had the opportunity to be educated
in both Western and Eastern cultures,
in his work, Dillon integrates the two
to create a fusion of the two influences.
He says that the East taught him his techniques,
and the West enhanced his creativity.


Rooted in impressionism,
Dillon uses traditional media of oil and canvas,
or ink and rice paper
to depict his feelings and thoughts.
He is inspired by the simple beauty
that usually goes unnoticed and ignored.


Dillon was commissioned to design five
1988 Winter Olympics posters.
His painting “Eagle of the Rockies”
was selected in 1998 for publication in
The Encyclopedia of World Famous Chinese Artists.
In 1999, he won the Award of Excellence in
the Forte Cup Twentieth Century Asian Art Competition.
The award winning work “Morning Scenery”
has been included in the slide show presented
at George Washington University.
Currently he teaches art at his own studio.


Dillon is represented by the following galleries:

Gainsborough Galleries

Sunti World Art Gallery in Whitefish, Montana.

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