Conny Jager


Conny has been fortunate enough to have the visual arts
as a guiding presence in her life since childhood.

  low tide

Born in Calgary, Conny earned a BFA and BEd from
the University of Lethbridge, specializing in Arts Education.
Currently, she works from her home studio
as she raises her family.


Conny paints with both watercolours and acrylics,
but particularly enjoys the technical challenges
that watercolour offers.

  New York

She finds solace in details and chooses images from her travels
that have repetition of form, reflections in glass or water,
perspective elements, texture, light, and shadow.
These are some of the foundations of all art
and Conny likes the purity and honesty
they give to her work.


Her images are based on her own photography.
Most importantly, Conny wants you to stop
and take a walk through her paintings.


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