Brenda Spilker


Brenda grew up on the BC Coast
which is often reflected in her paintings.


During a corporate career in Calgary, she built on her love for drawing to add color with acrylic and oil paints. She has an eclectic range of subject matter - including oddities, inspiratinal moments, colors or experiments with new styles and techniques.


Her formal Art training has included courses at ACAD and workshops with artists such as Brent Laycock, Mike Svob, Doug Swinton and others. She loves to do commissions in collaboration with the client.


Her work has been influenced by Nature itself and her admiration for the artistic creations of others, most recently Erin Hansen, Margarete Bagshaw, Picasso, Tom Thomson, Emily Carr and Michelle Bui.


Recently, Brenda has begun painting Garden Art
- done on wood board to bring joy to yards
and patios all year round
- such as “Wilson Wilson Jr.”
the pig peering through a hole in the fence.


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